• Shumlin still in support of F-35 planes
    December 14,2012

    MONTPELIER — A visit to Florida to compare the sounds of two fighter jets didn’t change Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin’s support of the Air Force basing the F-35 in his state.

    Shumlin traveled to Florida with the mayors of Burlington and Winooski on Wednesday to get a firsthand opinion about how loud the F-35 fighter jet is compared to an F-16 as the Air Force considers basing F-35s with the Vermont National Guard at the Burlington International Airport.

    “I’m shocked at how quiet the F-35 is,” said Shumlin after standing near the runway at Eglin Air Force Base in Valparaiso, Fla., where the jets are being tested, the Burlington Free Press reported.

    Some residents have worried about the noise from the planes.

    Winooski Mayor Michael O’Brien said both planes were loud.

    “It didn’t blow my socks off,” he said of the F-35. “It’s a deeper sound. It’s really hard to compare the whole thing this quickly.”

    O’Brien said he hadn’t decided yet if he supports or opposes the F-35s.

    The trip was funded for by the Greater Burlington Industrial Corp., which supports basing the F-35s in Vermont.

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