• Thank you for taking a stand
    December 04,2012

    Thank you for taking a stand

    I caught a post off the Seven Days Facebook page regarding your statement issued over the hiring of reporter Eric Blaisdell and I have to say bravo!

    While in the past I have been quite critical of sex offenders in general, mostly of the fact there are so many under compliant and lazy wastes of space in Barre, I am also concerned that many more get painted with the same criminal scarlet letter regardless of their efforts to make right of themselves and the community. Based on your explanation released to Seven Days, it seems that this man has made every effort in the world to turn himself into a productive and centered individual, and he probably could not have done that without some significant entity showing some measure of support. It’s been shown time and again that people who develop goals and feel direction to their lives are most likely to be able to continue to stay on track and mature mentally and emotionally. I’m glad that you saw something in this fellow and decided to back his play. I am sorry that some only saw it as a fat news blurb.

    I hope you and your staff will continue to take an interest in this man’s efforts and continue to only judge him on his work at The Times Argus.

    Christopher Maloney


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