• Difference of opinions
    November 24,2012

    Difference of opinions

    Just a few comments on your editorial published in the Nov. 17 edition of The Times Argus. While some want to write off the Republican Party, it should be noted that President Obama received 50.4 percent of the popular vote according to one source and candidate Romney received 48 percent. This is hardly a mandate in the usual understanding of the term. The Electoral College was another matter.

    While the people elected Obama, they also returned most of the U.S. House members so we will remain a divided country. If I love this country and truly believe that more freedom and smaller government means people can flourish and better themselves, why would I ever give up on that goal, and I doubt that most House members will not give up.

    You claim that people through their political leaders have said they want Roe v. Wade to continue to be the law, but a poll by Gallup reports that 51 percent of people call themselves pro-life and 42 percent pro-abortion. This would be a national poll and not a Vermont-only poll, where no doubt your statement would be correct. The opinion of most people who call themselves pro-life have this opinion rooted in faith, and they will not change.

    What we should do is eliminate the language of separation and marginalization and talk. Perhaps this newspaper could be an example.

    Thomas Prindiville


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