• Stop U.S. military aid to Israel now
    November 23,2012

    Stop U.S. military aid to Israel now

    I woke this morning to the news of the Israeli airstrike in Gaza City that killed 10 members of the Dula family, four of them young children. In the latest Israeli-Palestinian “conflict” almost 80 Gazans have been killed, most of them women and children. President Obama continues his droning chant reiterating Israel’s right to defend itself, with no recognition that Israel is not defending anything but its right to remain above international and U.S. law. The Leahy provision of the Foreign Assistance Act passed by the U.S. Congress prohibits our military assistance to foreign military forces that violate human rights. But as with Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in 2008-9 in Gaza (approximately 1,400 Palestinians killed, almost all civilians, and 13 Israelis), the U.N. and human rights organizations documented multiple and gross violations, but no action has ever been taken. While Israel then and now is the instigator of the violence, the breaker of a cease-fire, and the clear aggressor, we hardly hear these details from our media.

    I am one of many Jewish Americans (and many others who are afraid to speak out) who say to Presidents Obama and Netanyahu, not in my name. America’s funding of Israel’s illegal wars against innocent Gazans, the complete blockade of its borders, its extra-judicial killings and its flouting of the rule of law, must stop.

    As we stand at the edge of the “fiscal cliff” where is the mention of suspending the more than $3 billion we spend on arming Israel every year, more than to any other country in the world? We need to pressure our president, our own congressional delegation and Israel. Whether Jewish or not, all Americans need to say, not in my name. Stop U.S. aid to Israel now.

    Katharine Shapiro


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