• Hold Entergy to its promises
    November 23,2012

    Hold Entergy to its promises

    It would seem that the local support for Entergy Vermont Yankee is not as good as we are led to believe. While 57.8 percent of Vermonters voted for Gov. Shumlin and his position, 68.4 percent of the voters of Windham County where Vermont Yankee is located did. Also, 57.9 percent of Vermonters voted for Attorney General Sorrell and his position; 63.7 percent of the voters of Windham County did.

    My biggest concern with Entergy is simple: So long as the profits keep coming in, the company will agree to anything. They do not, however, live up to their commitments and have clearly demonstrated this time and again. Entergy is using the legal processes to ignore what they have already agreed to, and the pending case processes keep them running.

    The profits of the company are all that matter to them. The best interests of Vermont are in the hands of the Public Service Board. The only way Vermont will be served is with the shutdown of Vermont Yankee and the cleanup of the Vernon site restoring it to land usable by another business.

    History has proven site reuse does not happen even for sites that have been cleaned. Suffice to say the barren land will be better for Vermont than what Entergy is offering us.

    On May 27, 2010, the PSB granted me certificate of public good No. NM-992 for the photovoltaic solar placed on my home in July 2010. The panels have produced over 7,000 kilowatt-hours and saved six tons of carbon dioxide since then. On average 56 percent of that power was sent back to the grid via the net metering for someone else to use. I am living up to my agreement. I see no reason why Entergy should not be held to theirs.

    Deny the certificate of public good for Entergy, please. For the sake of our children let us finally do something right.

    Alfred S. Blakey


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