• Barre police are still looking for gunman
     | November 21,2012

    BARRE — Police are still searching for whoever shot a man Thursday on Brooklyn Street.

    Chief Tim Bombardier said Tuesday that there was no new information about the shooting of Seth Parry, 20, in the shoulder around 5:30 p.m. that day. The injury is said to be non-life-threatening.

    The shooting happened at 59 Brooklyn St., an address court records list as Parry’s residence.

    An eyewitness to the shooting said he and Parry were walking near the apartment building when a man dressed all in black and wearing a mask yelled to Parry, “Hey, woman beater.”

    According to the witness, the two men then started fighting and the gun went off shortly after. The witness said the masked man ran away.

    Parry is awaiting sentencing on charges of aggravated domestic assault, domestic assault, two violations of an abuse prevention order and two violations of conditions of release. He was supposed to be sentenced Friday in Washington County criminal court in Barre, but the hearing was put off two weeks since Parry was in the hospital.

    In October, Parry agreed to a sentence of 18 months to four years of pre-approved furlough. He also agreed to enter the Intensive Domestic Abuse Program after 60 days on the work crew.

    For the aggravated domestic assault charge, the police affidavit says Parry, among other acts of violence, punched a female in the face, choked her four times and slammed her head against a wall. He was also convicted of simple assault in 2011.

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