• Barre man is held without bail after threats and violence
    By Eric Blaisdell
     | November 14,2012

    BARRE — After a day of gangland-style threats and violent confrontations, a Barre City man is being held without bail after he told a police officer that a man he had allegedly just assaulted was “as good as dead, and you can write that down.”

    Michael P. Dicroce, 32, pleaded innocent Tuesday in Washington County criminal court to felonious aggravated assault, felonious unlawful mischief, and two misdemeanors in one incident — disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He also pleaded innocent Tuesday to two additional misdemeanors, simple assault and disorderly conduct, stemming from a seperate incident on the same day.

    According to the police affidavit, an officer responded to a reported fight on Circle Street around 5 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11, and found Dicroce and his father arguing with two other men. The officer called for backup and the altercation was broken up. Dicroce and one of the men he was arguing with were arrested for disorderly conduct.

    At the police station, police said Dicroce admitted to hitting one of the men with a baseball bat. Dicroce said he was trying to collect a drug debt because one of the men had “burned” the drug dealers Dicroce had introduced the man to. Dicroce told the officer the two men “are as good as dead, and you can write that down.”

    Dicroce was allowed to call his mother. While talking to her in a recorded interview room, police heard Dicroce give his mother a phone number to call to have the two men eliminated, saying without witnesses the state does not have a case.

    In court Tuesday, based on the threats Dicroce had made against the man he allegedly assaulted and what Judge Thomas Zonay described as “a single-minded focus” to go out and do harm to someone, Zonay ordered Dicroce held without bail.

    Earlier in the day on Sunday, police responded to another incident on Circle Street in which Dicroce had allegedly assaulted another man. Dicroce accused the man and his girlfriend, both of whom were staying at Dicroce’s residence, of stealing $10,000 from Dicroce’s garage. The man told police Dicroce had punched him in the mouth and demanded his money back.

    Dicroce demanded that police arrest the man for stealing the money, but police advised Dicroce that an investigation would have to take place first.

    Dicroce then yelled at the man he allegedly punched that he, Dicroce, would “get him shot” because Dicroce is affiliated with the gang The Bloods. Dicroce also told the police officer that the officer would “catch a bullet” as well.

    If convicted on all counts, Dicroce would face a maximum sentence of 22 years and four months in jail and a fine of $17,500. Dicroce is also facing an unrelated unlawful mischief charge stemming from an incident in July.

    Dicroce has three prior felony convictions and 10 misdemeanor convictions. He was convicted on two counts of felony burglary and felony larceny in 2003. Dicroce was also convicted of simple assault in 1999.



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