• Tarnished hero
    November 10,2012

    Tarnished hero

    Gov. Shumlin likes the badge of hero and savior for the actions he took in the aftermath of Irene. In considering these actions, however, what governor would not have taken government regulation and red tape out of the way and just said “fix it,” hence making reconstruction much quicker and cheaper? Do not forget, though, that it was our friends and neighbors from other states and real Vermonters helping each other, and working together to put this state back together.

    And, yes, any other governor would have stood with his shirt sleeves rolled up on the precipice of a construction site taking advantage of a photo opportunity. Why, I wonder, does he not stand on the precipice of the huge cliffs of Lowell Mountain that he has allowed to be blasted and dug away, destroying the mountain?

    In a recent interview, he said his inspiration was George Aiken. To speak of Shumlin’s name with that of George Aiken is atrocious. Gov. Aiken worked tirelessly to protect the Green Mountains and its people during his tenure. Gov. Shumlin is allowing them to be destroyed and exploiting them and its people.

    George Aiken never would have resorted to calling his fellow Vermonters names if they had opposed him on his ideas. Gov. Shumlin recently called industrial wind opponents CAVE (Committee Against Virtually Everything), conveniently categorizing them as another radical group.

    I would accept this label if it were defined as CAVE (Committee Against Vermont Exploitation).

    Gov. Shumlin should polish his badge by standing up for a moratorium on industrial wind so that people can find out what an atrocity it is in Vermont.

    Allen A. Mills


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