• Warren wins Senate in Massachusetts
     | November 07,2012
    AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

    Democrat Elizabeth Warren takes the stage after defeating incumbent GOP Sen. Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race, during an election night rally at the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel in Boston, Tuesday.

    BOSTON — Elizabeth Warren, a darling of the left, won a hard-fought race for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts on Tuesday, according to network projections, recapturing for the Democrats the seat held for almost half a century by Edward M. Kennedy.

    The networks began calling the race for Warren shortly before 10 p.m., first CBS and then CNN and NBC. Wild whoops went up in the hotel ballroom here where Warren was holding her victory party.

    The Senate seat had slipped into Republican hands when Brown, a state legislator, won it in a special election in 2010 after Kennedy’s death. Taking it back was a Democratic priority.

    Warren, 63, a professor at Harvard Law School, will become the first woman to win a Senate seat in Massachusetts. She cast herself as a fighter for the middle class and a champion of women’s causes, particularly equal pay for equal work, health insurance coverage for birth control and abortion rights.

    It was a message that resonated with Elizabeth Lear, 46, a book reviewer in Waltham, who said she voted for Warren because “she cares about the financial concerns of everybody and most importantly about women’s reproductive rights, the freedom to choose.”

    And, Lear added, “I feel she’s pretty scrappy and I really like that about her.”

    Brown cast Warren as a partisan and inflexible ideologue who would march in lockstep with the Democratic Party.

    The combined spending on the race totaled more than $68 million, making it the most expensive Senate race in the country in this election cycle and one of the most expensive ever. Warren raised a stunning $39 million, which put her among the top five most successful Senate fundraisers of all time.

    “We raised money from more donors than any Senate campaign in the history of the United States,” Warren said in a statement about an hour after the polls closed Tuesday. She added: “We knocked on more doors and made more phone calls than any candidate in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

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