• Let the ridgelines save us
    November 06,2012

    Let ridgelines save us

    Some of you say, ďSave our ridgelines!Ē I say, ďLet the ridgelines save us!Ē Let them help us to produce a clean alternative energy. This is a minimal sacrifice that will be far outweighed by the benefits to our environment. Man and Mother Nature can work together to benefit each other.

    As one world, we share the same polluted air and same polluted water. Vermont is not exempt from this, for these resources have no boundaries. We suffer together with self-inflicted sicknesses caused from selfish environmental neglect. We can keep our blinders on and continue with this pattern of self-destruction or we can recognize that we have an opportunity here to get on board as other states and countries are doing, and work together as a whole to save ourselves by joining the rest of the world in an effort to clean up the mess weíve made. Every drop in the bucket counts.

    Eolian Renewable Energy presents that opportunity to Brighton, by bringing us the Seneca Mountain Wind project, at no cost to us because they are privately funded and the proposed site is owned by a private land owner. This project also offers significant financial gains for our town along with some much needed jobs. All that they are asking for is our blessing at voting time.

    I love the unscathed ridgelines, too, but I am willing to part with some of them to give our children a brighter future. Wind towers arenít here to destroy ridgelines, but to work with ridgelines to help heal the wounds of this earth that have been brought on by devastating effects of much more invasive alternatives.

    Itís time that we are held accountable for abusing this earth for so long and for the future that our children are left to face. Itís in our power to make a difference. This should bring people together in a united effort to benefit the world, not tear us apart.

    Please look at the big picture when itís time to vote, and consider the voice of those who arenít yet old enough to vote. We can make a difference in the world that we leave them.

    William Moore

    Island Pond

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