• Let oxen die with dignity
    November 06,2012

    Let oxen die with dignity

    I have always admired Green Mountain College’s innovations and contributions to the eco holistic farm movement in Vermont. I find it ironic that the people who founded a mobile slaughter unit to process meat animals on site are sending their oxen to an out of state slaughter facility when they don’t need to. Doesn’t this go against GMC’s local and holistic course description?

    Those big boys who have put up with 11 years of learning farmers deserve some dignity in dying. I don’t know what their injuries are but I do know that it is wrong for any animal to live in pain. This does not mean they need to be put on a truck, possibly mistreated on their way to the kill floor, stressed out from the smell of blood at the kill floor and forced to watch each other die. Are any GMC staff or students going along to witness the gruesome closing of the circle of life?

    Because GMC owns these animals they can be slaughtered humanely on the farm in their pasture. There are people who are expert at this, who do this so the animals are treated with respect and dignity. Monty Winship is the best of them. After they are killed Monty can take them to a butcher shop in Sudbury, Vt., where they will be processed.

    Again the GMC staff and students should be checking this out as part of their education. If you are worried that you can’t do this because of not being able to schedule then I offer you any of my slaughter dates in hopes that you will reconsider sending your boys to the horrors awaiting them in NY. I’m sorry for the young farmers who had to make the decision to put their boys down. I’m also pleased that 40,000 people are thinking about this and I find it amusing that Gov. Shumlin, an alleged farm owner, thinks that 11-year-old meat is yummy to eat.

    Kate Kennedy

    The Kennedy Cattle Co.


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