• Struggle makes us stronger
    November 01,2012

    Struggle makes us stronger

    I am the working poor: I am weary of working so hard and barely keeping my head above water or the wolves from my door. I find it just incredible that all we hear of is the propping up of middle class. Perhaps a lot of folks make a decent income. I do not. There was a study on Vermonters’ median income, and it stated that median income was about $50,000 a year. I guess my income and thoughts run under that bridge. I make a bit less than half of that income and am not proud of it but only humbled by it. My bills are paid and we adapt as needed.

    My concerns are that no one seems to be focusing on the 47 percent — the working poor.

    All the politicos are all trying to prop up the middle class and they want the whole nation to chime in on that. I cannot. Most of the 47 percent have given up on voting. These folks are our veterans, our retirees, the disabled, those on unemployment and those who have even given up on even that or job searches as there is very few that create a better or equal status as unemployment or welfare. Can our elected officials turn that around? I doubt it. It’s much larger than that. Anyone who acknowledges being in the percentage of 47 should really think about Mr. Romney’s stance in regards to us; those he’s separated from the rich and middle class folk. We can and will arise again. A strong foundation builds a better nation.

    Scott Manning


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