• Hypocrisy is out there
    November 01,2012

    @Normal:Hypocrisy is out there

    Gov. Shumlin is right in calling for development of wind energy in Vermont. It is the cleanest of energy sources, reduces dependence on fossil fuels, and is a great legacy for future generations. Studies have shown that fully 25 percent of Vermont’s electrical needs could come from responsibly developed wind energy. And 70 percent of Vermonters are in favor of wind energy development.

    Listening to the small coterie of highly vocal wind opponents, you’d think that every mountain in Vermont was going to be blown up and turned into a desert filled with concrete and steel. In fact, that 25 percent of our power requirements would come from towers on only 4 percent of our ridgelines.

    The hypocrisy of the naysayers seems overwhelming. They thump their chestes about a few towers on a tiny proportion of our mountains, but not a word about entire mountainsides clear-cut for ski areas, not a peep about giant high-rise condominiums at the foot of the mountains, the waterslides and all the other intrusive infrastructure. (Mind you, I started skiing in 1946 — enjoying Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and overseas ski areas and have no complaint about the slopes and lifts.)

    But the complaints of the wind opponents seem a bit fanatic. Wind power development will help combat climate change, even if only a little, but we can be a leader. Ignoring wind — and climate change — is not responsible.

    Edward C. Day

    East Montpelier Center

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