• Make a difference
    November 01,2012

    Make a difference

    I have always allowed any candidate to place a sign on my property. I have simple rules however. They have to ask me. They can not block or remove anyone else’s sign. It can not be placed directly in front of my home, there is plenty of room on the upper lawn. And they must remove it after the election is over. Break my rules and they need not ask again. I have this opinion because I feel it is important to get the word out for who is running for what office. No one person is to blame for “all our troubles.” I have never understood how someone can blame the current office holder for the problems they inherited from the last office holder they replaced because that person was to blame before them. Nor how they expect the next replacement to be different and solve all our problems in 100 days or less. Blame is not what it is about. Change does not come from above no matter how high up you go. One person can make a difference however. You can. Get out and vote. I find it embarrassing that this nation’s participation in voting is dismally low when we tout the democratic way as a solution for the world.

    Alfred Blakey


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