• Re-elect Shumlin
    November 01,2012

    Re-elect Shumlin

    The letter “Shumlin health care plan irresponsible,” in the Oct. 24 edition of The Times Argus is also irresponsible. Several points in this are completely based on conjecture which have little grounding in what is happening. One is when the author asked “Where is the governor’s plan, and how much will it cost us?” This question is disingenuous. I suspect that the author knows this. The plan will be presented by the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) in January 2013 and the financial part will begin when the single-payer component is designed. This is in accordance with the structures of Act 48. Another irresponsible point is the letter’s referral to Sen. Brock’s health care proposal as not a “drastic overhaul of our entire health care system.” The first problem with this is that we do not have a health care system. It is a hash of disparate parts that hardly work together, all of them finding ingenious ways to deny or exclude people from coverage and care. Sen. Brock’s proposals, built on ideas from Indiana and Maine which have only put a heavier burden on those who can least afford it, will only enhance this disconnect. I do agree with the letter on one point. This is where it said “Some areas of Vermont already have a shortage of doctors.” This is true. But to suggest as the letter did that doctors and specialists will pack up and leave Vermont en masse because of what they have heard about single-payer is irresponsible conjecture. While some might, it completely ignores how many would come here because of single-payer. Gov. Shumlin is on the right track. We should re-elect him in November to finish the job.

    Walter Carpenter Montpelier

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