• Lauzon supports Wilton
    November 01,2012

    Lauzon supports Wilton

    It’s my pleasure to write in support of Wendy Wilton for Vermont treasurer and offer my unqualified endorsement.

    Prior to Wendy’s announcement to run for Vermont Treasurer, I had not had the pleasure of meeting her. I had, however, heard about her often from Mayor Chris Louras of Rutland. With only eight mayors in Vermont, we tend to speak and correspond often in order to collaborate on issues that are common to our communities. Since 2007, I’ve had many conversations with Mayor Louras during which he cited Wendy’s incredible work ethic and ability to identify and solve complex problems. Working closely with the mayor’s office, Wendy led the financial side of a team that turned Rutland’s $5 million deficit into a $3.8 million fund balance. That, in and of itself, is an impressive record of accomplishment.

    Since Wendy announced her candidacy in May of this year, I’ve had many opportunities to speak with her in detail about the challenges that will face Vermont’s next treasurer. Wendy’s understanding of those challenges is as impressive as the job she’s done in Rutland. Wendy understands the importance of maintaining Vermont’s bond rating, projecting transparency in government, making complex financial issues understandable to everyone and most importantly, developing a plan to retire Vermont’s $3 billion unfunded pension obligation. She is driven, sincere and ready to lead.

    While the importance of the Vermont’s treasurer is often understated outside of Montpelier, it couldn’t be more important to each and every Vermonter. Our treasurer is charged with identifying and solving Vermont’s most complex financial issues. Our treasurer represents Vermont in the world’s financial markets. Most importantly, our treasurer is charged with providing objective, accurate information from which the administration and legislature make decisions that will shape Vermont’s financial future for decades. Wendy Wilton has a proven record in this regard.

    I hope you’ll join me on Nov. 6 in supporting her as Vermont’s next treasurer.

    Mayor Thomas J. Lauzon


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