• Obama failed us in many ways
    October 27,2012

    Obama failed us in many ways

    For generations Americans have voted for presidents based on their record and their vision for the next four years. We can’t deny Obama’s failed record of the last four years (any president would have killed bin Laden), and there’s been no real vision laid out for the next four years. The hope and change slogan was a hoax. Why in the world would Americans trust Obama again?

    Every day we learn more facts that prove Obama’s policies are devastating to America. Another downgrade; America drops from No. 1 to No. 7 in global competitiveness, more dismal jobless numbers and now Americans killed by terrorists in Benghazi due to a failed foreign policy of appeasing the terrorists, ignoring threats and not securing our diplomats. This is outrageous. Surely a scandal is about to be exposed, and if we had an unbiased media that actually covered the Benghazi story with all the facts, everyone would believe a cover-up exists. Folks, this is complete incompetence both in domestic and foreign policies. Not only are we asking “Are we better off than we were four years ago?” but we now must ask an even more critical question, “Are we safer than we were four years ago?”

    I continue to shake my head at how anyone can support Obama when we have a credible candidate in Mitt Romney who has a record of success in business and jobs creation, served as Massachusetts governor with an 87 percent Democratic Legislature, saved the Olympics and balanced budgets consistently. There is no contest between Obama and Mitt Romney when comparing their records and experience. We must vote as Americans, not by party this election, and restore the America of our Founding Fathers. Mitt Romney is the answer.

    R.L. Averill


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