• Brock reveals tea party sympathy
    October 27,2012

    Brock reveals tea party sympathy

    When Randy Brock announced his candidacy for governor, he billed himself as a centrist, and I thought that he might be a Republican moderate. Then he was unmasked by choosing Maine Gov. Paul LePage to come to Vermont to boost his campaign. For those unfamiliar with Gov. LePage, here are some relevant facts.

    A fervent tea partier, LePage, despite being elected with just 38 percent of the vote in a multiway race, immediately began to act like a little dictator. The people of Maine voted funds, via referenda, for infrastructure work, such as highways and bridges. LePage has refused to spend any of that money, claiming it’s his right not to spend it. When a state senator sent a letter to his constituents criticizing this stance, LePage sent him a handwritten note calling him “a liar and a cheat.” A photograph of this note appeared in Maine newspapers.

    Gov. LePage, without any evidence, publicly declared that state employees are “corrupt.” When criticized for this and asked for an apology, LePage’s response was a letter to state employees saying some of them had been corrupted by the system and should leave. Among other public utterances, he declared that those who subscribe to a newspaper are paying someone to lie to them, and called the IRS “the new Gestapo.”

    An implacable critic of Maine’s educational system, LePage recently said (referring to the reputation of Maine schools), “I don’t care where you go in this country — if you come from Maine, you’re looked down upon now.”

    By selecting this man to help his campaign, Randy Brock has demonstrated that, if not an actual tea party member, his political philosophy is in line with this extremist group. So much for his centrism and moderation.

    Warner Shedd

    East Calais

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