• Elect fiscally responsible leaders
    October 26,2012

    Elect fiscally responsible leaders

    If you have watched the national news or any of the recent debates, you may have heard the word “sequestration.” Many Vermonters are not sure what it means or how it might affect them personally.

    To put sequestration in a local context, imagine that your household expenses and loan payments are now greater than your income. And you have maxed out all your credit cards. You can’t catch up. So do you apply for another credit card? Or do you reduce spending wherever you can, while paying back your debts in a responsible manner? In a nutshell, sequestration will force the federal government to cut its spending and pay back its debts.

    This will have an immediate local effect, because almost 40 percent of our state spending comes from the federal government. If Washington cuts, Vermont loses its federal funds.

    That leads to the question: How will Montpelier make up for the loss? If history serves as a guide, they will look to higher income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes and their proposed new services tax. Today, they are contemplating massive tax increases to make up for a double-digit budget shortfall in a state that already leads the nation in taxation.

    Today, we need leaders in Montpelier who have the courage to look for smart places to cut, not just promise more spending. If we want jobs for Vermonters, we need to grow our economy, not our government and our spending.

    As we head for the voting booth, we should look for candidates who are committed to responsible financial management. That’s why I am supporting Randy Brock for governor and Wendy Wilton for state treasurer.

    Any Vermonter knows that when you are responsible, you don’t spend money you don’t have. And you don’t make your neighbors pay for the things you want. We need common sense when it comes dollars and cents.

    Jacqueline Shiner


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