• A simple vitamin cures all
    October 23,2012

    A simple vitamin cures all

    The recent articles about mosquito-borne deadly (but rare) diseases almost got me to get into a worrying mode. But I stopped when I realized that I received only three mosquito bites this summer (as usual) because of simple, natural, healthful remedies/precautions I take as I have for over 30 years. I and many other attest to the safe effectiveness of vitamin B1 as a mosquito repellent. It is necessary to take 500 mg daily (mornings or early afternoons) of a high-quality brand. Store brands and drug company brands don’t seem to work as well or at all.

    One also needs to quit using any scented product, including dryer sheets. The vitamin B1 has an odor mosquitoes don’t like. They sit down and prepare to strike but quickly fly off when they smell it. Here’s the kicker: The B1 capsule I took today will work tomorrow. If I forget to take it today then the mosquitoes will bite me tomorrow (if they are around). My yard has lots of mosquitoes and I spend a few hours out there every day. They visit me, but they don’t bite.

    If weather conditions warrant, I use up to 1,000 mg of B1 as when going into super mosquito, black fly, deerfly territory, and it seems to help quite a bit. If I take zinc tablets of 15 mg, it cuts down the effectiveness for me, I found.

    This year I added four small geraniums to the potted flowers on my porch (where I work) as advised by a magazine article I read, and they seemed to help repel mosquitoes too.

    I’ve seen the B1 suggestion in several books by doctors including “The Cure for All Cancers” by Dr. Hulda Clark. Dr. Clark was a brilliant researcher. I used her simple, natural herbal remedies and have eliminated usual chemicals from my life. About seven years ago, I was slated to have necessary cancer surgery on my nose. When I found out I would lose a third of my nose in the process I decided to go all out on Dr. Clark’s marvelous method, using also prayer, healing foods, etc. With the approval and prayers and help of my doctors, I was cured and there has been no recurrence. I do not work for Dr. Clark’s store or get paid by them. A wise surgeon taught me this: “Our bodies were created to heal. We, doctors, just help a bit.”

    I am writing a book about the wonders of natural healing called “Our Health is in Our Hands” and have been asked to teach a class about it. I think I might.

    My typist, who is 87 years old, is delighted by the B1 mosquito repellent. She lives in Hawaii where the mosquitoes are bigger and are alive, well and biting 365 days a year.

    I’ve been studying and using natural healing modes for over 30 years with help and directions from traditionally trained doctors. Wise doctors have told me, “We don’t care what method our patients use to heal, we just want our patients to get well.”

    Jewel Love


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