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    October 13,2012

    Why is the main stream media hiding the truth about Mitt Romney and Bain Capital? The information that I am going to list can be found by anyone who cares about the truth.

    Bain Capital, cofounded by Mitt Romney 1984 is a venture capital investor. Its main purpose is to consult and/or invest in those companies that are underperforming. They are not hired by successful companies to drain their assets and lay off employees, as the media wants you to believe. Without Bain’s expertise, the plant closings and layoffs would be substantially more.

    Here are a few of the Bain Capital successes: Burlington Coat Factory, Staples, Brookstone, Dominos Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Toys R Us, Sealy, Weather Channel, Sports Authority, and Hospital Corp. of America.

    Why is the main stream media hiding the truth about Obama’s failures? Here are a few of the companies that big government tried to save through stimulus packages: Solyndra — bankrupt, Ener 1 — bankrupt, Beacon Power — bankrupt, Solar Trust — bankrupt, Energy Conservation Devises — bankrupt, First Solar — bankrupt, Evergreen Solar — bankrupt, Nevada Geothermal Energy — bankrupt, Raser Technologies — bankrupt. And some who have laid off most of their employees for lack of work: A123, Tesla Motors, Smith Electric Vehicles, Fiske Motors, Sunpower US, Geothermal, Abound Sola and BTW.

    General Motors is considered to be a success by the main stream media but they still owe the tax payers 23 billion dollars and during restructuring GM laid off 20,000 workers and forced 870 closings of private dealerships, quite a few here in Vermont. All of Bain Capital investments were provided by private investments and all of Obama’s investments were provided by taxpayers’ money. What is the real motive for the main stream media to cover up this true story?

    Steve Berry


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