• A valuable vote for Doyle
    October 12,2012

    A valuable vote for Doyle

    I’d like to urge all Washington County voters to cast a vote for the Dean of the Vermont Senate, Bill Doyle. I first had the pleasure of meeting Bill when I was a student in the Vermont State College system back in the 1970’s. I remember being struck by his friendly demeanor and his wonderful ability to instantly connect with virtually anyone he spoke to, be they friend or stranger. Through the ensuing years I’ve always enjoyed reading the results of his famous “Doyle Poll.” He works tirelessly assembling the questions, printing and delivering the polls, and then collecting and tabulating the results. His efforts produce an annual snapshot of how Vermonters see themselves.

    In 2010 I had the privilege of being elected to join him in the Senate. As a freshman senator, I valued his advice and unselfish willingness to offer assistance to those of us who needed to learn how things worked. Every week he would gather a caucus to share insight about the bills that were winding their way through the legislature. He never hesitated when asked to give lessons on procedure to us “newbies.”

    But it was during our floor debates on redistricting that I was especially impressed by his value to the legislature. After listening to several of us squabble over our own ideas about how districts should be divided, Bill got up to speak. He began with the words: “Mr. President, this is my fifth debate on redistricting.” Simple words they were, but the significance was not lost on one of us. His “fifth debate” meant he had been a legislator for fifty years! All of us paused to consider what he had to say because we knew he had more experience than any of us. That historical longevity is a priceless commodity as the constant winds of change blow through the statehouse. Please cast one of your three senatorial votes for Bill Doyle so all of us can continue to rely on this hard-working, experienced and lovable Vermonter.

    Joe Benning

    State Senator


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