• Vote for true change
    October 10,2012

    Vote for true change

    By coincidence I was at the Statehouse for Gov. Shumlin’s press conference on Sept. 24 where every mayor in Vermont endorsed his candidacy, explaining how wonderful his administration was, helping out in Irene and with town projects for economic growth.

    I asked Shumlin, “It’s easy to play the hero with an open checkbook and no concern about the bottom line. Which Peters did you borrow from to pay these Pauls for their endorsement? I’m a poor farmer who just saw her ‘income-sensitive’ property taxes go up $1,000, so I suppose I’m a Peter?”

    Shumlin isn’t playing a new game — the political system is rigged in favor of incumbents who use their position to distribute political favors to the politically important — in this case relatively voter-dense cities.

    I had one elderly gentleman tell me he couldn’t vote for me because Bernie Sanders personally saw to it that his VA benefits were increased. Doesn’t he realize that Bernie also personally saw to it that not only he is in debt by $51,123.71 (his share of the $16 trillion federal debt) but every one of his kids, grandkids and, yes, even that 6-month-old great-grandchild has the same debt load, growing fast? Was that $100 a month increase worth it?

    Another lady said, “Just tell me you can beat Bernie and how you’re gonna do it.” I don’t want to “beat Bernie.” I want to replace the hot air and political games he and every politician represent with concrete solutions to our biggest problems: government reform via a U.S. constitutional amendment, health care reform by replacing Obamatax with a short and simple solution, and tax reform by replacing the income tax with the short and simple Fairtax.

    Visit www.votekiss.org and see how easy it is to bypass politics and vote for real change this November.

    Laurel LaFramboise


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