• Bring balance back: Vote Barnett
    October 10,2012

    Bring balance back: Vote Barnett

    I want to encourage you to vote for Buddy Barnett for the Vermont Senate this November. If you have read Buddy’s campaign materials or heard him speak, you will know that he is the right person to represent Washington County. Buddy believes that “Vermont state government must be about straight talk and fair play,” and I couldn’t agree more. He also believes that all parties should “embrace the spirit of compromise with the goal of advancement for all.” How refreshing to hear this and to know that Buddy is a man of his word. I know he will do everything he can to make positive changes in Montpelier.

    Buddy is a sixth-generation Vermonter and has lived and worked in central Vermont most of his life and in Barre City since 1958. He has worked nearly 50 years in the granite industry. Buddy is a down-to-earth, practical man who seems to have a solid grasp on the issues that face many Vermonters. He also understands state government and knows that streamlining government, simplifying and improving access is critical to expedite the business of the people of Vermont.

    Buddy has the right mind-set to make a difference and will bring much-needed balance to the Senate and the legislative process. He will listen and do everything he can to help individuals and businesses and will be a strong advocate for Washington County residents and all Vermonters.

    Please vote Buddy Barnett for Senate in November.

    Pat McDonald


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