• Candidate’s ideas make so much sense
    October 05,2012

    Candidate’s ideas make so much sense

    I was listening to a man speak the other day about economic justice and how Wall Street did wrong by the American people, leaving many with empty retirement accounts. Forcing many to continue to work longer than planned or emerge from retirement due to their losses. He wondered why Wall Street thieves hadn’t been made accountable and thought they should be. Boy, didn’t this statement hit close to home.

    He went on to speak of unreasonable contracts by credit card companies, that only worked to oppress the young and low-income people at a time in the economy and their lives when they are the most vulnerable. He feels credit card companies need to be taken on and made to change. Once again, I had to agree.

    Vermont Yankee, it’s a real threat to public health, safety and welfare — shut it down now, he stated. He went on to say corporations are not “persons.” They must no longer be able to rely on phony claims to constitutional rights, to cause suffering for real people and the pollution of democracy. In other words time for people in America to be given the priority claims to constitutional rights, the ones it’s meant to protect. Enforce state laws intended to minimize the invasion of corporations.

    This all made so much sense and was obvious it was coming from someone who would be an active advocate for the health, safety and well-being of Vermonters. Someone who would be looking out for us for a change, which is what we need in government.

    That “someone” is Ed Stanak, candidate for Vermont attorney general. It seemed clear to me after listening to him speak that he would represent Vermonters, the working people and work for bettering Vermonters and their future.

    I encourage you to take a look at his web page or get out to one of the events where he’ll be speaking. I think you’ll agree that in campaigning for himself he’s really campaigning for Vermonters and their interest.

    Lori Bernier


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