• Brock ignores majority on wind power
    October 03,2012

    Brock ignores majority on wind power

    The announcement by gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock that he’ll be hosting a town hall on the issue of wind development has me puzzled. A recent survey of Vermonters found that 70 percent support the development of wind energy projects so that Vermont can power itself and contribute to power generation within our region.

    Seventy percent! That’s greater than the percentage of voters who pulled the lever for Gov. Shumlin in 2010. So I don’t understand why Sen. Brock, who wants to serve all Vermonters as governor, would be ignoring that vast majority and seeking out the “concerns of many people.”

    Wind power in Vermont is the responsible thing to do: Incorporating it with other renewable and clean resources such as solar and small hydro diversifies our energy sources, leading to a more secure energy future. It creates and sustains local jobs, leaves a positive legacy for future generations and directly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. As a state senator and a candidate for this state’s highest office, I expect better leadership on this issue from Randy Brock.

    Mia Moore


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