• Anglers care for Berlin Pond
    October 02,2012

    Anglers care

    for Berlin Pond

    Over the last few months I have seen a lot of people write in against the opening of Berlin Pond for recreational use. I’ve been to the pond and haven’t seen any increase in trash or decrease in wildlife in the area. I have seen letters from the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Fish and Wildlife that say that light recreational use of the pond will not cause any damage to Montpelier’s drinking supply or the wildlife in and around the pond.

    When I go fishing I almost always go with my 8-year-old son. I teach him to respect nature and what we have so when he grows up he will do the same for his children. Seeing the smile on his face when he gets a big fish on his line and reels it in is something I can’t really describe.

    The times I have been fishing at Berlin Pond I saw maybe three or four other people there out on the water enjoying the scenery and peace of being out on the pond. There was nobody making noise other than maybe the splash of a lure or paddles pushing the small canoes or kayaks through the water. There were never more than two other vehicles parked anywhere near where boats are allowed to launch. Some anglers are Montpelier residents with families and are just as concerned with water quality as anyone else. To me keeping the water and environment safe is the most important thing. By voting to allow the Department of Fish and Wildlife to put in an access area on the Berlin-owned land it will give the state agencies an easier way to enforce the rules that are in place to keep the wildlife and water safe and clean.

    Marc Covey


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