• Berlin Pond is an asset for all
    September 29,2012

    Berlin Pond is an asset for all

    I just thought Iíd throw in my 2 cents on the subject of Berlin Pond. Being born and raised in central Vermont (Barre) Iíve always been around and interested in Berlin Pond. I have hunted on Paine Mountain and have practiced my photography around the pond. Iíve always wondered how it was that the city of Montpelier was allowed to enforce its will on a resource that unquestionably belongs to the people of Vermont.

    First, I would like to thank the Vermont Supreme Court for its ruling on this matter. Secondly, I know that the city of Montpelier thinks that ďItís not over til I say itís over.Ē I fully expect that they in all of their lofty piety will not let this matter drop. My suggestion to them would of course be to drop it. This resource belongs to the people of Vermont.

    To the Department of Fish and Wildlife, I know you are fully supportive of the resource remaining in the ďpublic domainĒ as it was intended. Please donít be absent anytime the issue comes up. We need your support to be at the forefront and in their face.

    To the town of Berlin, I donít envy your position, but it seems to me you have the best hand in this game. My best case scenario would be if you would sell your property and its 85 feet of frontage to the Fish and Wildlife Department to use as an access for nonmotorized use. Next best would be for the town of Berlin to realize the potential of this piece of land as a moneymaker for the town. The state of Vermont already manages a few lakes itself for the purpose of nonmotorized recreational use. The state rents boats for an hourly fee, I believe. (Itís been a long time since Iíve been to Seyon Ranch.) There is money to be made there, a part-time job or two generated, as well as controlling the number of people allowed at any given time. All the arguments that have been made against the use of this resource are a lame bunch of hooey. I canít believe that even the people making these claims donít admit to it. Get over it, Montpelier.

    Patrick Finnie


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