• Quit repeating politicians’ lies
    September 11,2012

    Quit repeating politicians’ lies

    The Associated Press’ Thomas Beaumont, in his piece “Candidates battle for working-class voters,” run in The Times Argus on Sept. 8, is a disgrace to journalism, and Beaumont should be drummed out of the profession.

    It was not so much about the “candidates” but was mostly a repetition of Republican lies and attacks on President Obama.

    This is, sadly, not only about Beaumont’s failure but is symptomatic of a failure in modern journalism as a whole. Too often a news article, as opposed to an editorial or commentary, quotes or repeats a quote by a politician that is a flat-out lie but never corrects the statement or corrects the lie.

    We have seen that the campaign strategy the Republicans are operating on is the old “big lie” system. Knowingly tell an outright lie, let some fact checker call it for what it is (who cares?), but the media will continue to quote the lie, spewed over and over by the Republican candidates, particularly the two Republicans currently running for president and vice president. The lie is repeated far more than the fact checker’s correction.

    The Times Argus is just as guilty as the rest of the media in quoting a lie but failing to note a correction. If journalists don’t act as journalists, whose duty it is to report the truth, how is an electorate to come to an intelligent decision? Particularly when too many of the voting public prefer to watch “American Idol” or some such TV nonsense than try to search out, from the media jungle, the obscure truth about what the opposing candidates really believe and want to do with the nation. And to them.

    Come on, Times Argus, next time you quote a politician lying, follow with a correction. Follow with the truth. That’s your duty.

    Edward C. Day

    East Montpelier Center

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