• Brock disavows comments by Maine Gov. Paul Lepage, but calls him a 'friend'
    July 12,2012

    Sen. Randy Brock, Republican candidate for Vermont governor, tried to distance himself from comments made Thursday morning by Maine Gov. Paul LePage, who has been in town this week to help Brock raise money for his campaign against Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin.

    As Brock stood by this morning, LePage expanded on earlier comments in which he compared the IRS to the Gestapo. LePage answered “Yeah” when asked if he believes the IRS is headed in the direction of “killing a lot of people” like the Gestapo, according to a post by Paul Heintz of Seven Days.

    At a separate press conference later in the afternoon to talk about overtime in state government, Brock said he does not agree with LePage's IRS rhetoric.

    “Those are not words I would use,” said Brock. “I believe that he may have been using hyperbole but in point of fact it's not something I said, it's not something I believe, it's not something that I would say.”

    But Brock also doesn't regret having LePage come to Vermont to help raise money.

    “We always have people who say things who are friends of ours – and I consider Gov. LePage to be a friend of mine – who say things that we wouldn’t say, that we don't agree with, and are not our positions,” said Brock.

    The afternoon press conference was not designed to distract from the potentially embarrassing coverage of LePage's comments after the Brock fundraiser, said Brock.

    “It had absolutely nothing to do with what Gov. LePage said or didn't say,” said Brock. “Gov. LePage has never been accused of being politically correct, and he lived up to his reputation this morning.”

    The Vermont Democratic Party, which in recent weeks has been critical of Brock for associating with the Tea Party-backed LePage, responded to the LePage comments in a news release.

    “Randy Brock should be ashamed to stand next to anyone who makes such an extreme, irresponsible, and bizarre statement,” Vermont Democratic Party chairman Jake Perkinson said in a written statement. “Governor LePage's rhetoric is so far from Vermont values that it's hard to believe Randy Brock not only welcomed him to our state, but stood by his side when LePage made this comment.”

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