• Jobs, not tax burden
    April 17,2012

    Jobs, not tax burden

    Vermont’s lawmakers seem rather intent on letting businesses know they aren’t welcome here. That’s exactly the message they send by imposing random, “miscellaneous” taxes on companies in order to increase state coffers — that are then used to file frivolous lawsuits and appeals.

    The latest attempt from our state Legislature to double Vermont Yankee’s state taxes by $6 million should send a shock wave to all Vermont businesses. When this bill becomes law, it will be open season on Vermont businesses and their pocketbooks.

    This tax increase tells employers quite simply that Vermont does not care about your jobs or job creation simply because legislators have become shameless with their action trading people for self-interest. If we allow our legislators to continue this trend, we will succeed in creating our own demise. And we wonder why our young people leave the state with our grandchildren in search of economic opportunity elsewhere? There is a direct connection between this “double down on Vermont Yankee” tax bill and Vermont’s welcome mat.

    Are we going to sacrifice people and the businesses that create our jobs to funding special interests, or whatever other fund the state decides to pad? I certainly am not.

    George Clain


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