• Illegal immigrants treated better than us
    March 17,2012

    Sitting in the waiting room at the state inspection station dutifully renewing my sticker. New state laws require a test drive, check of brake pulsation, pulling, vibrations, driveability issues, customer safety. Four wheels are pulled if there’s any problem. Bring your checkbook, credit card and wallet, or no sticker on the car.

    Compare this with the recent news story of undocumented (illegal) workers marching to Montpelier’s Statehouse demanding guest worker status, Vermont driver’s licenses, state ID cards (for state assistance and health care?). Many federal/state laws were broken to get here (climbing over the fence at the U.S. border, for starters). No fines for them. Their Vermont employers with them stated, “No Vermonters will do those jobs.”

    This entourage was allowed to walk into our Statehouse, speak before our legislators, leave with our governor instructing our state troopers not to stop or detain them. Why? Is this obstruction of justice by our governor? Was he expecting them? Our Statehouse is not the U.S. Embassy.

    Illegals, in our state, are given the red carpet in and out of OUR Statehouse who blatantly admitted they are here illegally yet are not arrested and did not incur any fine for having broken the laws of the land by trespassing through all the states, towns and citizens’ lands to get here. This is total injustice and an insult to us citizens. Do we have laws or do we not? Driving after Feb. 29 without a sticker will get a fine up to $200! Is this fair?

    As to the statement that “no Vermonters will do those jobs,” what are the inmates in correctional centers doing anyway? Watching TV, lying on a bed reading, that our tax dollars are paying for. They need something to do, and we need the farm products. Utilize them! Obviously, they will not put any Vermonter out of a job. We should not start funding illegals.

    Muriel Potter


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