• Major League pitcher Carl Pavano visits Ludlow
     | January 12,2012
    Cassandra Hotaling Hahn / Staff photo

    Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano signs autographs at the Ludlow Community Center on Wednesday evening, after donating baseball equipment to the Ludlow Parks & Recreation Department. The equipment replaces what was lost due to Tropical Storm Irene.

    He's pitching in to help Ludlow Little League Baseball.
    LUDLOW — Major League Baseball pitcher Carl Pavano is doing more than pitching strikes. He's pitching in to help Ludlow Little League Baseball.

    On Wednesday, Pavano donated $10,000 worth of new little league baseball and softball equipment to the Ludlow Parks and Recreation Department. The town desperately needed the equipment not because the new baseball season starts in three months, but because Tropical Storm Irene wrecked havoc to their fields.

    According to Ludlow Parks and Recreation Director Howard Paul, the 2012 Little League baseball and softball season may not have happened without Pavano's support.

    “Everything was in doubt when Tropical Storm Irene hit,” Paul said.“When I went down to the Little League fields on Aug. 29, there wasn't anything left. Our bleachers were gone, fences were torn, andthe building where equipment was stored was lying on its side. I sawuniforms covered in mud,helmets all over the field and in the woods, and our bats were no longer useable. It made me want to cry.”

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