• Vote no on referendum
    March 26,2010

    Williamstown does not need to change its form of government. The town manager form has been in place many years and has worked well for the citizens of this town. It continues to work well. The town manager has broad powers by Vermont statute. These powers give the manager the general supervisory authority for managing the town and all departments of town government. The manager is in charge of all town buildings and is the general purchasing agent. The system of checks and balances allows the selectboard to remove the manager for cause if he/she is not performing satisfactorily.

    The selectboard does not have the time to manage the town on a daily or even weekly basis. Town government is much more complicated and complex now than it was just a few years ago. We need someone on board at least 40 hours per week to provide the service that we residents demand and deserve. The petitioners, in their petition to abandon our present form of government do not offer an alternative. If they are thinking of an administrative form of government, the administrator will not have the flexibility or statutory authority to make decisions without first obtaining this authority for the selectboard. Any authority the administrator has must be by written agreement with the board. This appears cumbersome.

    I suspect that some of the framers of the petition to abandon the town manager form of government are, for the most part, interested in getting rid of our present town manager rather than this form of government. The town manager has not performed to their liking nor done their bidding so it's time to change managers. This is completely inappropriate and insulting to members of this community. How many times does the community have to vote on this referendum to abandon our present form of government? Enough is enough. Vote no on the referendum to change the town manager form of government.

    Stanley Corneille


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