• Thank you, Mr. President!
    August 25,2010

    Thank you Barack H. Obama for awakening this country. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to Americans. Now they understand how liberalism has affected our society and raised political and social activism to levels not seen in this country for generations.

    Pushing our national debt to bankruptcy levels, government controlled health care despite citizen resistance, bailouts and stimulus spending with no results, deplorable long-term unemployment levels and swelling entitlements have infuriated voters.

    Your agenda, Mr. President, has revealed the effects of creeping liberalism that have taken over our lives. Immigration laws are ignored, welfare policies encourage dependency, political patronage bailouts, schools aren’t globally competitive, taxes are burdensome and punitive, criminals are pampered, judges ignore the constitution and lawyers benefit from frivolous lawsuits.

    Imagine Black Panthers have intimidated voters without prosecution and ACORN worked for the census after scandalous behavior of members. A Communist became a paid presidential adviser and unions were rewarded by the government take-over of GM while bond holders lost their investment. Terrorists got Miranda rights and free lawyers. Americans were silent and tolerated these outrages. Now they’re fuming.

    Americans have reached their limit. They’re getting involved and talking about different priorities to get America back on the right track.

    Thank you Barack H. Obama for your “change” agenda that has aroused a sleeping nation.

    Frank Mazur

    South Burlington

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