• Jodie Foster comes out? Speech gives a hint
    December 16,2007

    Gossipers around the globe are abuzz after word began to spread about a comment Jodie Foster made Dec. 4 at the Women in Entertainment Power 100 breakfast in Los Angeles.

    Foster, who was presented with the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, gave a shout-out to "my beautiful Cydney," referring to movie producer Cydney Bernard.

    Jodie's expression of gratitude to Bernard is being widely interpreted as public acknowledgment of a female lover, laying to rest years of speculation and idle chatter about Foster's sexuality.

    "Jodie Foster comes out . . . finally," declared the Times of London.

    The Oscar-winning actress has opted never to discuss her personal life. Her reticence is possibly bolstered by her name being associated years ago with would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley, who claimed he had shot Ronald Reagan to impress her. (She and Hinckley did not know each other.)

    According to the Times, Jodie and Cydney met in '93 on the set of "Sommersby." Since then, Jodie has given birth to two boys, Charles, 9, and Kit, 6. She has never revealed the identity of their father(s).

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