• Dear Droppings,
    Rama Schneider | December 29,2005

    Just wanted to send a note and say hey and tell you about one of the darnedest things. And I gotta say it is one of the clearest examples of how CONservatives (not to be confused with honest conservatives) have managed to convince so many people so many lies are in fact the truth. This is indeed a rather mind numbing stor ... eh ... no ... actually it's what I'd expect.

    So here's what happened, Droppings: Somebody with the screen name of "presidio9" picked up my piece Green diets vs. global warming and posted it on the Internet message board Free Republic (click here to read post). You'll note presidio9 added "(eating better may reduce the methane released into atmosphere)" to my title without attributing his/her editing to her/himself ... and it's an edit that had nothing to do with my topic! The pretense of discussion that follows turns out to be chatter about the title part presidio9 itself added, and the responses were to a point never made in the article.

    Simply put they took a truth (the article), added something that was not true (change to the title) and then acted like it was the author, and not one of themselves, who made the change to the title.

    Those on the Free Republic site don't even rate as amateurs, but there are indeed pros doing the same thing. Remember John Kerry, my dear Droppings, and those miserable swift boat claims? They took the truth that John Kerry served in Vietnam, received several decorations and was wounded several times ... added their own claims that Kerry wasn't at certain incidents or wounded himself or lied on official reports ... and then made a "mainstream" media assisted and huge uproar over the issues they raised ... issues that turned out to be false!

    For the mother of all lies ... Saddam Hussein and Iraq ... it was a set of actors that included so many in such high governmental offices: President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense (my what a misnomer), National Security Adviser and on and on. Droppings, it was so easy for them to layer the false claims regarding WMD and ties to al Qaeda onto such a despicable and barbarous person as Hussein ... and they did and they did and they did ad nauseum ... such ad nauseum only matched by the obsequious press renditions of each and every lie.

    Forewarned is fore armed I guess my dear Droppings, and understanding how CONservatives (not to be confused with honest conservatives) manipulate the truth is a good forewarning for all of us I'd say.

    PS. Droppings ... make sure you read Frames (click here) too!

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